White Gold








a film by Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk

– a story about the human condition, politics, and water in the high Himalaya –

As Bhutan makes the transition towards democracy, Jamyang, a government officer from the city, is sent to a remote village to educate local villagers on the importance and values of democracy, as punishment for dereliction of duty. As he gradually grows accustomed to village life and begins to grow fond of the beautiful Sonam, his story is exposed. Jamyang’s endurance is put to the test when one day the village stream dries up and he sets out to help find a water source high in the rugged mountains. Conflict ensues when another village claims the source, and the two villages must settle their scores, while Jamyang must decide on his own future…

Selected for Open Doors Hub, Locarno Film Festival 2018



Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk: wjamyang@gmail.com

Sonali Joshi: sonali@day-for-night.org

Director: Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk, Gumar Films

Producer: Sonali Joshi, Day for Night

Co-producer: Thinley Dorji

Shooting location: Bhutan

Shooting period: Autumn 2019

Status: Script development

Countries of production: Bhutan/UK

Format: Colour | Digital

Genre: Drama

Language: Dzongkha + English subtitles

Estimated running time: 90 min

Asia, Bhutan, Himalayan Kingdom, Archery, Bhutan's national sport, Thimphu