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A film by Dominga Sotomayor

Chile 2018 | 110 mins

Drama | 15 | Spanish

Theatrical release: 24 May 2019

An intoxicating coming-of-age drama from one of the brightest stars in contemporary Latin America cinema.

Chile in the summer of 1990. As the country comes to terms with the end of Pinochet’s dictatorship, a group of adolescents living on a rural commune attempt to make sense of their own burgeoning desires and tangled relationships.


Produced by Rodrigo Teixeira (Call Me By Your Name) and featuring a standout performance from newcomer, Demian Hernández, as sixteen-year old Sofia, this is a subtly observed and beautifully shot evocation of a time brimming with hope and trepidation.

Winner of Leopard for Best Director at 71st Locarno Festival

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