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A film by Pimpaka Towira

Thailand 2015 | 105 mins

Drama |  Thai

Part road movie, part mystery-thriller, Pimpaka Towira's artfully composed film is a meditation on memory, repression and cultural belonging. Confident young woman, Laila, lives in Bangkok and belongs to Thailand's 5% Muslim minority. As conflict and political turmoil take over the capital, she heads south in search of her long lost aunt, accompanied by her brother, Zugood, and his friend, Toy. The young urbanites are later joined by Surin, a soldier from the northeast of the country. Haunted by the past, the four find themselves drawn into a land stranger than any they could ever have imagined.

Winner of Best Asian Future Film Award, Tokyo International Film Festival 2015.

Winner of FIPRESCI Prize, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016.

"a road movie that's as mesmerizing as it is tense."

— Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

"a quietly gripping tale with its own distinctive voice."

— Richard Kuipers, Variety

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