My Stuff

A film by Petri Luukainen (Finland, 2013 I 80 min I DCP I Finnish + English subtitles)

You lock away all your worldly possessions in storage, and decide to take back only one thing a day… What’s the first thing that you’d choose? What do you value more than anything, or what’s most useful, what’s the greatest comfort, what’s the ultimate necessity…?

In the midst of an existential crisis following a recent break- up, Petri begins his experiment. Having taken comfort in buying lots of stuff and maxing out his credit cards in the process, he then decides to lock away every last possession in storage, allowing himself to retrieve only one item a day. Naked at midnight on day 1, and using a window ledge as a fridge, Petri has ahead of him 365 days of creative living. Inspired by the wise words of his grandmother and the childlike pragmatism of his young cousin, day by day he re-evaluates his life through each of his belongings. My Stuff is a telling comment on consumerism and the value of material objects in the digital age, while contemplating what’s really important in life.

Original title: Tavarataivas, Finland 2013, 80 mins

Official festival selections: Docpoint Helsinki 2013, Dok Leipzig 2013, CPH:DOX 2013

a Unifilm production
Written & Directed by: Petri Luukainen
Producer: Anssi Perttala
Cinematography: Jesse Jokinen
Editing: Altti Sjögren
Music: Timo Lassy
Sound: Kyösti Väntänen
Original title: Tavarataivas
Finland, 2013 I 80 min I DCP I Finnish + English subtitles

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Previous Screenings

London: 23 April 2015 @ The Wash

Chichester: 2 March 2015 @ Transition Chichester

London: 4 Dec 2014 @ ArtHouse Crouch End

London: 25 Sep 2014 @ Hackney Picturehouse

London: 28 Mar 2014 @ The Cinema, Goldsmiths, University of London

London: 27 Mar 2014 @ Imperial Cinema

London: 26 Mar 2014 @ The Proud Archivist

Newcastle: 2 Feb @ Tyneside CInema

Glasgow: 29 Dec 2013 @ Glasgow Film Theatre

Edinburgh: 7 Dec 2013 @ Filmhouse

London: 2 Dec 2013 @ Riverside Studios

★★★★ View London 


“a one-year human experiment about what truly matters”

About the Filmmaker

Petri Luukkainen (b.1984) is a filmmaker from Helsinki. He directed his first TV commercial at the age of 17 and has been working as a director, DOP and editor ever since.

He has worked predominantly on documentaries, commercial films and webisodes since 2001.

More recently, he has worked on a documentary series for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and directed a small ad video which received 3,000,000 views on YouTube.

My Stuff is Petri’s debut feature-length documentary.

Director’s Statement

I was 26 and lost.

I felt empty in my apartment full of stuff.

We all know that feeling: having too much stuff, stuff and stuff.

Too much of everything and still lacking something.

So I decided to do find out what I really need.

I embarked on an experiment with a set of rules:

1) One year experiment

2) All stuff into a storage

3) One item back per day

4) Don’t buy any new stuff

I felt like it would be a life-changing journey – so why not film it?

I started to film myself, and soon my first documentary was beginning to take shape.

I felt filming the process would also make it more reflective, and then I could sum up my own experiences and express it through the film.

The year was full of surprises.

And I’m happy to tell you it also turned out to be a love story.