Diamond Island

Aperture 2018


a film by Davy Chou


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UK premiere + Q&A with Kanith Tith: 17 Sep: 8.15pm, Close-Up Cinema, London

Screening followed by Q&A with Kanitha Tith, Art Director and filmmaker. Kanitha is currently working on a short film, produced by Diamond Island director Davy Chou.

dir. Davy Chou, Cambodia/France/Germany 2016, Khmer + subtitles, 101 min

A wistful tale of urban youth set against the backdrop of a changing Cambodian cityscape, selected for Cannes Critics’ Week 2016.

Like many other young people growing up in rural Cambodia, 18 year old Bora is lured to the city where he goes to work on the construction of a new property development. Diamond Island is a symbol of Cambodia’s future, a sprawling, ultra-modern paradise for the rich on the river in Phnom Penh, strikingly encapsulating the dreams of youth and rapid urban modernisation at once. In his new life in the city, he forges new friendships and is also reunited with his larger than life older brother Solei, who took off from home unannounced five years ago. Solei introduces Bora to the exciting world of Cambodia’s privileged urban youth – girls, nightlife and its illusions. In the words of director Davy Chou, “Diamond Island is a place that embodies the cruel relationship between youth and the myth of modernity in action in Cambodia.”

Official Festival Selections:
Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week 2016: Winner, Prix SACD 
Melbourne International Film Festival 2016
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017


“this compassionate film is as much about its very specific Cambodian setting as it is the characters, with the film’s standout star its neon-pastel location work” – Catherine Bray, Variety

“a woozily intoxicating dreaminess that grips the audience’s attention” – Kenji Fujishima, Slant Magazine

Also screening in Aperture / Southeast Asia focus

In Time to Come

In Time to Come_04

dir. Tan Pin Pin, Singapore 2017, 62 min

15 Sep, 6pm: Kings College London (Lucas Theatre) – London premiere presented in partnership with Chinese Visual Festival


Asia Through the Aperture – regional framings in cinema and art

chasing for_01

free workshop jointly organised by Aperture and CREAM, University of Westminster

18 Sep: University of Westminster, London


People Power Bombshell: The Diary of Vietnam Rose

People Power Bombshell_01

dir. John Torres, Philippines 2017, Filipino/Tagalog + subtitles, 89 min

24 Sep: Close-Up Cinema, London + Q&A with John Torres


The Island Funeral


dir. Pimpaka Towira, Thailand 2015, Thai + subtitles, 105 min

27 Sep: Close-Up Cinema, London + intro, London premiere

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Nervous Translation + Q&A with Shireen Senohosted by Tate Modern

Nervous Translation

dir. Shireen Seno, Philippines 2018, Tagalog + subtitles, 90 min

19 Sep: Tate Modern, London + Q&A, UK premiere


Years When I Was a Child Outside

In Focus: John Torres Mario Chico *** Local Caption *** Taon noong akoíy anak sa labas, Years When I Was a Child Outside, John Torres, Philippinen, 2008, V'13, In Focus: John Torres

dir. John Torres, Philippines 2017, Filipino/Tagalog + subtitles, 89 min

25 Sep: Close-Up Cinema, London + Q&A with John Torres