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A film by Chaitanya Tamhane

India 2014 | 116 mins

Drama | PG | Marathi, Hindi,

Gujarati & English

Theatrical release: 25 Mar 2016

Chaitanya Tamhane's extraordinary debut feature is both a compelling courtroom drama and a powerful critique of India's regressive judicial system and stifling social traditions. Narayan Kamble is an ageing folk singer living in Mumbai who has been marked by the authorities as a dissident. His latest charge is for inciting the suicide of a sewage worker through the allegedly seditious lyrics in his songs. The bizarre case comes to the attention of Vinay Vora, a young, well-heeled lawyer, who takes up Narayan’s fight.

Winner: Horizons Award (Best Film) & Lion of the Future Award (Best Debut Film), Venice Film Festival 2014

“It’s impossible not to think of the great Indian master Satyajit Ray. There can be no higher compliment.”"


 — Tara Brady, The Irish Times

"A masterpiece — a work of the deepest empathy, sublime in its construction.”

Joshua Oppenheimer,

(Director, The Act of Killing)

The most stunning Indian film I have seen in 20 years. Not since Satyajit Ray have I seen such a director” 

– Shekhar Kapur

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