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A film by Anocha Suwichakornpong

Thailand 2016 | 106 mins

Drama | 12 | Thai

Theatrical release: 16 Jun 2017

A mesmerising treatise on memory, politics and cinema, set against the backdrop of the 1976 Thammasat University Massacre.

A filmmaker travels to a rural retreat with an author who was an activist in her youth. Hoping to collaborate on a script, the director begins interviewing the writer, building a picture of the circumstances that sparked her political awakening.

“A headspinning tour de force... a dizzying, dazzling work"

'Film of the Week'


 — Mark Kermode, The Observer

“Fascinating... an engrossingly strange, confident leap down the conceptual rabbit hole, and a very accomplished piece of film-making”


 — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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