Aperture: The Sweet Requiem



The Sweet Requiem


7 June, Birkbeck Cinema, London


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Tenzing Sonam/Ritu Sarin India 2018, Tibetan + English subtitles, 91 mins

A young Tibetan woman who lives in exile in Delhi, is secretly haunted by an incident from her childhood. As a child she fled Tibet with her father, making a perilous journey on foot across the Himalaya, which ended in tragedy. One evening she unexpectedly encounters the guide who abandoned them on that journey. As memories are reawakened, she embarks on a quest for the truth, culminating in a final confrontation. A gripping drama offering a perspective on the reality of escape from Tibet, with a glimpse into a less familiar story of migration and the refugee experience.

+ panel discussion with:

Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, Executive Director of Free Tibet and Tibet Watch

Kate Saunders, Research Director, International Campaign for Tibet

Darig Thokmay, PhD Scholar in Asian Studies, University of Oxford


In partnership with Dharamshala International Film Festival



Fri 7 Jun, 6.30pm: Birkbeck Cinema

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+ short film:


Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk, Bhutan 2018, Dzongkha + English subtitles, 15 mins, London Premiere

A four-act short following the life of Pema, from birth to adulthood, each act representing a different season and a different phase in her life – from the time of Bhutan’s bartering trade with Tibet in the early 20th century through to democracy in the 21st century.