Aperture: Nervous Translation


Nervous Translation


 9 June, Regent Street Cinema, London


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Shireen Seno, Philippines 2018, Tagalog/English + English subtitles, 90 mins, cert PG

8 year old Yael is a shy, contemplative girl, who lives with her mother, while her father works abroad. Her only connection to him is the recorded tapes he sends her mother, which she secretly listens to incessantly. When she sees a TV ad for a pen that can translate nervous thoughts, she becomes obsessed in finding this ‘magic’ pen. Set in 1988, the film captures a certain moment in Philippine history, while drawing connections to today – the complexity of the family unit and migration, an obsession with consumer electronics, and the power of nature to remind us of what really matters.

This screening is jointly presented with MUBI

Sun 9 Jun, 8.30pm: Regent Street Cinema, London