Aperture: Autumn, Autumn


– Aperture x London Korean Film Festival –


Autumn, Autumn


11 June, Lexi Cinema, London


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Jang Woo-jin, South Korea 2016, Korean + English subtitles, 78 mins, UK Premiere

Jihyun has an interview in Seoul before taking a train home, sitting next to a middle-aged couple. After failing his interview, Jihyun drowns his sorrows and narrowly escapes a dangerous situation thanks to a friend. They head to a temple, but he misses the last ride home. The middle-aged couple also head to the temple, opening up to each other as they recall memories of their first loves. The night passes like a dream before they head back to Seoul…

This screening is jointly presented with London Korean Film Festival

Tue 11 Jun, 6.30pm: Lexi Cinema