taking fresh and distinctive independent films to wide audiences through festivals, specialist distribution and screen translation

Subtitles & Screen Translation



Working across the exhibition and distribution sectors as well as in subtitling, day for night* is uniquely positioned with an in-depth understanding of the contexts of film production, distribution and exhibition. We therefore offer an unparalleled expertise in screen translation covering 40 languages.

Our clients benefit from competitive rates and swift turnaround times, thanks to our vast network of +250 highly experienced translators and subtitlers, all with a strong background in film as well as linguistics, along with a small but dedicated in-house team. Our small overheads mean that we don’t carry the costs associated with larger companies, hence we can offer our clients the most competitive rates alongside the highest standards in linguistic and technical accuracy.

Coupled with our extensive industry experience and keeping abreast of all the latest industry news and technological advances in the ever-burgeoning digital environment, our specialist knowledge sets us apart. With this strong sensibility towards audio-visual content, we make visual material widely accessible – paying close attention to cultural contexts and nuances, remaining sensitive to audiences, rendering content accurately and succinctly, and ultimately enhancing viewing experiences.


Our Expertise Covers

film: narrative fiction, short films, documentaries

broadcast: episodic programmes, reality TV, factual programming, children’s programmes, marketing, press, web content

music: classical, contemporary, opera (live theatrical, DVD productions, surtitles)

visual arts: artists’ film and video, gallery and museum installations, fine art, photography

text: scripts, sleeve notes, press packs, production notes, synopses, festival catalogues, programme notes

* corporate content: business, finance, banking, airline, energy, medical

* formats: theatrical, TV, DVD, Bluray, online and digital