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Welcome to Nordic Film Festival 2015!

London, 4-13 Dec 2015: Regent Street Cinema, ICA,

Bertha DocHouse, Birkbeck Cinema 

On Tour: Jan 2016  

The Cube (Bristol), Glasgow Film Theatre,

Broadway (Nottingham) 

The 4th edition of Nordic Film Festival brings together another diverse mix of features, docs and shorts from the Nordic region. Take your pick from an exciting range of films: from some of our regular themes – human stories, horizons, music, art and design – to political thriller, extreme adventure, and even sci-fi, alongside some fantastic special events. So join us on another cinematic ride to the far north and beyond!

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PREFERRED_edith & aljosja 1 - director Ann Holmgren

dirs. Ann Holmgren / Per-Josef Idivuoma / Elle Sofe Henriksen / Elle Márjá Eira / Silja Somby / Marja Bål Nango / Egil Pedersen, Norway 2015, 86 min, advised cert 12A, Sami/Norwegian + English subtitles, London Premiere

A collaborative project of seven short films telling life stories from the Sami community in the village of Kautokeino in Northern Norway.

Fri 4 Dec, 6pm – Regent Street Cinema



dir. Benedikt Erlingsson, Iceland 2015, 73 min, cert 12A, London Premiere

A no holds barred montage portrait of travelling circuses from the 19th century to the present day – turning the spotlight on the good, the bad, the unusual and the weird of vaudeville, carnivals, and circuses. Scored by Georg Hólm and Orri Páll Dýrason of Icelandic band Sigur Rós in cooperation with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Kjartan Dagur Hólm.

Fri 4 Dec, 8pm – Regent Street Cinema

THE IDEALIST (Idealisten)

Foto Christian Geisnæs_Idealisten_Still_M8B1976

dir. Christina Rosendahl, Denmark 2015, 114 min, advised cert PG, Danish/English/Spanish/Greenlandic + English subtitles, London Premiere

Poul Brink is a journalist investigating one of the biggest government conspiracies in Danish history. In 1968, a US B-52 bomber carrying hydrogen bombs crashed into the US military base in Greenland. 20 years on, a suspiciously large number of Danish workers involved in the accident clean-up contract deadly diseases, but Brink’s probing is not welcome. Starring Peter Plaugborg (1864, Borgen) and Søren Malling (1864, Borgen, The Killing).

Fri 4 Dec, 9:45pm – Regent Street Cinema

BEAR ISLAND (Bjørnøya)

Bjørnøya 5

dir. Inge Wegge, Norway 2014, 82 min, advised cert 12A, Norwegian + English subtitles

Filmmaker, thrill-seeker and avid adventurer Inge Wegge brings us another extreme living documentary following North of the Sun (NFF 2013). Along with his two brothers, he skis cross-country, braving treacherous conditions on their journey to Bear Island, south of Svalbard, with the one aim of surfing where no-one has surfed before.

Sat 5 Dec, 4pm – Regent Street Cinema


ARMI ALIVE! (Armi elää!)

Armi elää! -elokuvan still-kuva / BUFO / kuvat Lasse Lecklin /

+ intro by Pauliina Ståhlberg, Director of The Finnish Institute in London

dir. Jörn Donner, Finland 2015, 84 min, advised cert 15, Finnish + English subtitles, UK Premiere

presented in association with The Finnish Institute in London

Armi Ratia (1912–1979) the entrepreneur behind the iconic Finnish design company Marimekko is one of the most renowned businesswomen of all time. Armi Alive! follows a theatre company who are rehearsing a show about her, set between 1949 and 1968, when Marimekko is born and Ratia achieves international success. The question is: does Marimekko need Armi, or does Armi need Marimekko?

Sat 5 Dec, 6pm – Regent Street Cinema 

IN YOUR ARMS (I dine hænder)


dir. Samanou A. Sahlstrøm, Denmark 2015, 88 min, advised cert 15, Danish + English subtitles, UK Premiere

Young nurse Maria is drawn towards Niels, a terminally ill patient in the Copenhagen nursing home where she works. The two embark on a true and raw emotional journey as Niels expresses his wish to die and Maria accompanies him to Switzerland. Life and death are the real protagonists in this tragic, unconventional love story, heightened by the finality of Niels’ illness.

Sat 5 Dec, 8pm – Regent Street Cinema



+ intro by Selina Robertson, film curator, writer and co-founder of Club des Femmes

dir. Mia Engberg, Sweden 2005, 77 min, advised cert 15, Swedish + English subtitles, UK Premiere

Mia Engberg (Belleville Baby, NFF 2013) portrays life in high-rise suburban Stockholm through the eyes of teen graffiti artists Ayesha, Frazze, Julio and “Dino” living in Hässelby Gård in this ode to a neighbourhood, its people and their aspirations.

Mon 7 Dec, 8.30pm – Bertha DocHouse



+ intro by Ossian Ward, Head of Content, Lisson Gallery

dir. Andreas Johnsen, Denmark 2013, 86 min, advised cert 15

Detained for alleged tax evasion, world renowned artist and political activist Ai Weiwei sets out on a high-profile court case, proclaiming his innocence, despite the Chinese authorities’ unrelenting attempts to silence him. This candid portrait digs deep into the life and mind of a man battling for the truth behind what has come to be known as a multi-million dollar ‘Fake Case’.

Tue 8 Dec, 6.30pm – ICA

An exhibition of work by Ai Weiwei runs at the Royal Academy in London until 13 December.



dir. Michael Madsen, Denmark/Austria/Ireland/Finland/Norway 2015, 83 min, advised cert PG

With unprecedented access to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the military, and experts from leading space agencies, The Visit explores an event that has never in fact occurred – our first encounter with intelligent life from space. Beginning with the simplest of questions – Why are you here? How do you think? What do you see in humans that we don’t see in ourselves? – the film embarks on a journey beyond a terrestrial perspective, revealing the fears, hopes, and rituals of a species forced not only to confront alien life forms, but also its own self-image.

Wed 9 Dec, 6.30pm – Bertha Dochouse

FESTEN - free event!

Festen 2

+ post-screening talk by Dr Claire Thomson, UCL Scandinavian Studies

dir. Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark 1999, 105 min, cert 15, Danish + English subtitles

The first film of the avant-garde Dogme95 movement and winner of the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize 1998, Festen remains a defining moment in Danish cinema. Told in real time at a family dinner celebrating patriarch Helge’s 60th birthday, one of Helge’s four children, Christian, stands to make a toast, only to reveal the darkest of family secrets.

Screening with: Nylon

Thurs 10 Dec, 6.15pm – Birkbeck Cinema

NYLON - free event!

dir. Jeanette Nordahl, Denmark/Sweden 2015, 28 min, advised cert 15, Danish/Swedish + English subtitles, UK Premiere

17 year old Viktor’s beautiful aunt Isabel is ill with cancer. On a family weekend away everyone except Viktor is perturbed by her attitude towards life. A New Danish Screen project.

Screening with: Festen

Thurs 10 Dec, 6.15pm – Birkbeck Cinema

SUMÉ - THE SOUND OF A REVOLUTION (Sumé - mumisitsinerup nipaa)


dir. Inuk Silis Høegh, Denmark/Greenland/Norway 2014, 73 min, advised cert 18, Greenlandic/Danish + English subtitles

The Greenlandic rock band Sumé brought about a revolution over the course of three albums released between 1973 and 1976. Being the first musicians to sing in their mother-tongue, Greenlandic, and bringing to the language words for ‘revolution’ and ‘oppression’ they made waves with an independence movement in a country which had been colonised by Denmark for 250 years. This is the story of how they made history.

Sun 13 Dec, 2:30pm – ICA

Jarlsberg cheese taster!

jarlsberg_hjul%202012Grab a drink at the bar before, after or in between screenings and enjoy some complimentary Jarlsberg cheese, courtesy of Nordic Film Festival 2015 partner Norseland.


Fri 4 Dec, Regent Street Cinema Bar – open to all Nordic Film Festival ticketholders




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Hop over to the Republic of Fritz Hansen store (2 minutes from Regent Street Cinema) where the first 50 ticketholders for any Nordic Film Festival event will receive a special free Marimekko gift while browsing Scandi Christmas treats and shopping ideas, along with a glass of wine and Nordic pastry. 10% discount on items in store. Bring your ticket or ticket confirmation for entry. Follow #ScandiShop for special offers!

Sat 5 Dec, 3pm-6.30pm: Republic of Fritz Hansen (13 Margaret Street, London W1W 8RN)

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Nordic Film Festival Party - free entry!

Join the festival team to toast Nordic Film Festival’s fourth year!

RSVP essential! Contact: nordicff@day-for-night.org

Sat 5 Dec, 9.30pm-late: Nordic Bar (25 Newman St, London W1T 1PN)



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