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hi-so title

a film by Aditya Assarat

(Thailand, 102 mins)

Set against the backdrop of a post-tsunami Thailand, Aditya Assarat's second film features Thai film star Ananda Everingham in a bittersweet tale of love, memories and belonging.

Returning to Thailand after studying in the US, Ananda (played by leading Thailand based actor Ananda Everingham) lands a part in a new film and finds himself swept up in a whirlwind of success. When American girlfriend Zoe turns up to visit, she soon begins to feel shut out and the distance between them grows as Ananda becomes increasingly absorbed with his role in the film. His attention soon turns to May from the film’s production crew, and so as one relationship fades, another ignites. All the while, Ananda finds himself revisiting his past and reflecting on his present – from the building he grew up in and a Bangkok he once knew, to two cultures that he is now caught between.

Official festival selections: Pusan Film Festival 2010, Berlinale 2011




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